Article 7 – An age abundant with renewable energy alternatives brings significant opportunities to Australian Utility providers

Consumers across the world are becoming more eco-conscious than ever before, and Australia is no different: 78% of Australians now support a target of net-zero emissions by 2050, and 60% say that we need to start taking action on climate change now no matter the costs. For Australian Utility companies, this represents a stark warning […]
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strong customer service skills

Succeeding Through Strong Customer Service

Succeeding Through Strong Customer Service Humanity has made huge leaps in what we can do with technology, but for some jobs, you still need a real person. For instance, when it comes to customer service, 75% of customers say they’d prefer to interact with a real person even as technology improves. The reason for this […]
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Human touch customer service

Handling Sensitive Situations in Customer Service

Handling sensitive situations in customer service Did you know that one in three people will cut ties with a brand after just one negative interaction? Every interaction a company shares with its customers is a chance to build a relationship. Customer loyalty will be key to business survival in a post-pandemic world, so customer service […]
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Giving vulnerable customers the best experience

Giving vulnerable customers the best experience According to a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) study, approximately 25 million vulnerable people live in the UK. However, as the pandemic moves into calendar year three and the cost of living soars above wage increases, 2022 will create more first-time debtors than ever before. In unfamiliar territory, people new […]
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Bring back the human element

Where did the human in ‘human touch’ go? The path towards a truly customer-centric service with a genuine human touch can be a challenging one. This is especially the case if your company doesn’t have a comprehensive plan in place to embed Human Experience in every area of customer service.
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Rising to the challenge – engaging a hybrid workforce

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world of work on its head. There’s now more than eight million people in the UK working from home – including 95% of our UK-based Sigma Connected workforce. But the transition from office to home working is not always a simple one for an employee […]
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