Sigma Connected wins South African ‘Jobs Creation Award’

In recognition of our continued growth and success in South Africa, we are delighted to have been recognised in the country’s prestigious Top Empowerment Awards.

This month, our team were proud to win the Jobs Creation Award category – an award which highlights an organisation that has contributed positively towards the alleviation of poverty and created long-term job opportunities.

Winning the award is yet another milestone for Sigma Connected in South Africa and it has underlined the success of our work, through Impact Sourcing, with organisations such as SA Youth and Youth Employment Services.

It has also recognised our long-term work with Shadow Careers, an organisation we have worked with to bring full-time job opportunities to 170 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or communities since 2020.

Vitally, the award win has also highlighted the successful onboarding processes, internal systems and training programmes we have in place to ensure all new employees can succeed at every level.

This is the latest in a long line of awards for us in South Africa this year and again, we are delighted our efforts, our partnerships and our commitment to young people has been recognised once more.

You can read more about the Top Empowerment Awards on their website through