Travel and tourism

Providing tailored services in line with your values

In an evolving industry, our flexibility can help you remain competitive by providing an excellent customer experience.

Outsourced customer contact solutions in a changing environment

The pandemic has hit the travel and tourism sector hard, making customer service even more important, and success requires a personal touch.

At Sigma Connected, we do things differently, focusing on building relationships by connecting our people with your customers.

Providing tailored customer contact solutions, our onshore and offshore outsourcing services and industry expertise can ensure queries or complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively.

We offer a full range of customer contact services, providing support throughout the year. We can also handle overflow during seasonal spikes.

Peak periods

We can ease the workload by assisting you in ramping up your customer services to handle overloads, at speed.

Quality customer service is essential, particularly during busy periods. Our expertise can make all the difference in retaining and expanding your customer base while you focus on your core business.

At Sigma Conencted, we have specialists in the travel and tourism sector who will ensure we are providing tailored services in line with your company’s brand values to ensure flexibility and growth.

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