Collections A comprehensive end-to-end solution for collecting outstanding revenues

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Improving the cash-flow of our clients’ businesses

Sigma offers a range of credit management services for collecting debts, from early-stage collections to late-stage collections, panel management and debt sale brokering. Some clients appoint us to manage the entire end-to-end process. In contrast, others will utilise different aspects of our service offering in line with their internal resource to deliver outstanding results.

Services typically involve, the provision of dedicated teams of specialist customer advisors conducting a range of outbound and inbound dialling campaigns – but are always tailored to meet each client’s requirements.

Early arrears collections

Our core service offering, is the provision of a dedicated team of Customer Advisors, that are specialists in collecting revenue at an early stage of the arrears process. 

The current economic climate has negatively impacted many consumers financially. Our specialist teams are equipped with the skill set required to, identify and manage customers that may be vulnerable or are suffering financial hardship, so that the outcomes and resolutions provided are appropriate.


Collections Performance - We have had considerable success for our clients achieving up to 30 times Return on Investment and making a significant contribution to helping them achieve internal budgets and targets.
Customer Satisfaction – Our customer advisors are focused on ensuring that customer outcomes are always fair and appropriate, and that the customer’s journey is positive at all stages of the collections process. As a result, we have consistently improved NPS figures for our clients versus internal collections teams.
Flexibility – Each contract is bespoke, we work with our clients to tailor our service delivery to meet their exact requirements. Together, we consistently develop and improve the service and react quickly should changes need to be made or rolled out (for example, updated staff training or product development).

Ad-hoc revenue driving campaigns

For many reasons, some customers may not engage during the early arrears collections process, but that does not mean that these customers’ accounts should be written off. On the contrary, a targeted and professional approach to these accounts can yield positive collections results. At the same time, ensuring that customers are treated fairly, that payment arrangement is appropriate and according to each customer’s circumstances.

Sigma is experienced at managing expert panels of Debt Collection Agents who specialise in collecting different types of debt. We assemble, audit, and performance manage panels on behalf of our clients, ensuring that the customer journey is at the forefront of any collections process.

Typical campaigns we have worked on include:
Dedicated “Problematic” area campaigns
Contacting customers who have not been billed for a period of time
Contacting customers who are either in the process of leaving or have already left with outstanding balances
‘Pre-bill’ contacting of High Invoice customers to prevent bill ‘shock’
Pre-alerting Direct Debit reassessments
Courtesy calling customers with previous late pay history
Outbound meter reading campaigns
High balance debt accounts, litigation assessment


Revenue generation – We have had significant success in helping our clients reduce debt levels and boost revenue
Complaint reduction – By engaging with customers early in the billing process, we have been able to reduce the volumes of customers’ complaints often caused by “Bill Shock” or Direct Debit reassessments
Customer retention – Campaigns are highly targeted and focused on engaging and communicating with customers. The result is a reduction in customer churn.

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