Complaint Management
Customer complaints are an opportunity to both reduce customer churn and improve business processes
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Sigma has considerable complaint management expertise

Sigma provides a range of complaint management services to energy utility clients. In what is a significant area of growth, our focus on: compliance, training and development of staff, and tailoring the service delivery to meet each client’s exacting demands is explicitly allowing clients to focus their attention on other areas of their business, safe in the knowledge that customer complaints are being professionally handled.

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Sigma can provide dedicated agents which will provide process-driven responses, to standard complaint types. As a result, these sort of complaints can be dealt with quickly and in high volumes

Sigma can provide highly trained complaint handlers, to conduct complaint handling services for clients on a ‘white label’ basis. These can be provided long-term as part of an overall complaints management process or simply short-term to address an immediate requirement or complaints backlog.

Types of complaints handled include:

  • BAU Complaints
  • Escalated Complaints Ombudsman Complaints 
  • Executive Level Complaints 
  • Complaints relating to SMART Meters (installations, service, bills) 
  • Complex Complaints (e.g. in line with industry back-billing code

Having worked with several clients to deliver their complaint management solutions. Sigma recognised the requirement for a CRM platform that would ease the complaint workflow and management process, whilst ensuring all complaints are dealt with in compliance with regulatory bodies such as, OFGEM and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

As a result, Sigma has developed a bespoke complaint management platform that can be tailored to suit individual client requirements. This is integrated to client CRM systems or can operate as a ‘stand alone’, the platform can be used either by Sigma complaint handlers, or licensed for use by our clients’ internal teams. The System acts as a ‘commitment tracker’, ensuring that we always deliver on the promises made by our complaint handlers.

Understanding any trends in complaints received and then acting on this information to mitigate recurrence is crucial in complaint management.

Sigma can both advise on and manage this process for clients. Further, our complaint management platform provides a robust audit trail of activity. In addition, it produces management information that supports the identification of root causes.

Day 1 Complaint Handling

The effective early handling of complaints helps improve customer retention levels. It reduces the burden on specialised complaint handling teams, who should be more focused on escalated and complex issues, instead of complaints that should be resolved at source. Sigma’s complaint management experience and expertise give us the perfect platform to provide our customer advisors with the skills necessary to handle a range of complaints at source without passing the complaint to a specialist team.


Reduce escalated complaints – Resolution at the point of origin, is the quickest and most effective way of managing the majority of complaints
Reduce customer churn – Customers whose complaints have been successfully resolved, are more likely to remain with their existing service provider and become advocates of the business

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