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Customer experience is key

The methods through which customers now communicate with sellers and service providers has dramatically changed over the last five years.

With traditional contact channels giving ground to digital communications, customers also expect a joined-up approach to their conversations, regardless of channel, as opposed to being passed from ‘pillar to post’ when they need support.

Whilst the technology used is undoubtedly changing, great customer service is still delivered by people, whether at the customer front-end or in managing the complex technologies now involved in the communication process. Sigma has a proven track record in maximising the use of these technologies and delivering front-end customer service staff which are a true reflection of our client’s brands.

Customer Retention and Win-back Campaigns

Retaining customers is extremely challenging giving may customers’ increasing competition and transient nature. As a result, business growth is predicated on establishing a strong sales pipeline and ensuring that existing customers are not haemorrhaged through poor customer service delivery or lack of communication.

Sigma conducts client retention campaigns for its clients. More specifically, when customer contracts may be coming to an end, or communication with customers may be limited due to a lack of resources.


Cost-effective – Our customer retention campaigns are far more economical than acquiring customers from comparison websites
Improved customer loyalty – Improving communication with customers reduces churn
Improved data accuracy – every communication with the customer is an opportunity to update records, take meter readings and review Direct Debit arrangements

Day 1 Complaint Handling

The effective early handling of complaints helps improve customer retention levels. It reduces the burden on specialised complaint handling teams, who should be more focused on escalated and complex issues, instead of complaints that should be resolved at source. Sigma’s complaint management experience and expertise give us the perfect platform to provide our customer advisors with the skills necessary to handle a range of complaints at source without passing the complaint to a specialist team.


Reduce escalated complaints – Resolution at the point of origin, is the quickest and most effective way of managing the majority of complaints
Reduce customer churn – Customers whose complaints have been successfully resolved, are more likely to remain with their existing service provider and become advocates of the business

Billing enquiries & queries, customer refunds, cyclical activity including joiners, leavers and movers

This forms a staple part of the customer service work Sigma delivers to its clients currently. For utility businesses, billing queries may be slight more complex; nonetheless, the opportunity to comprehensively explain bills to customers can reduce complaints and customer churn.


Quality – Well-trained, experienced Customer Service Advisors can handle a wide variety of customer queries. This reduces the requirement to transfer calls and improves the customer journey.
Seamless contact channel integration – Sigma can pivot between contact channels without losing conversation history, improving the customer experience.

Smart Meter Fitting Appointment Making

Energy utility companies will need to install 53 million smart gas and electricity meters in homes by the end of the roll-out period. In addition to the installation process, booking enough appointments from within the existing customer base is challenging. Sigma has been working with its energy utility clients to help them meet their targets. Appointment booking is carried out, both as a standalone campaign, to identified customer segments, and through broader customer service or early arrears campaigns, through the conversations held with customers.


Maximise appointment setting opportunities – Every conversation with a customer is an opportunity to sell the benefits of having a Smart meter.
Sales Expertise – Sigma’s sales expertise, combined with its knowledge of the energy utility sector, means it is ideally positioned to support the roll out of Smart Meters.

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