Quality assurance Quality assurance Independent assessment of service delivery
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Outsourced quality assurance

Assessing the performance of contact centre staff is crucial to ensure service levels are consistently high. Whilst internal quality monitoring is particularly useful, it can also be hugely advantageous to gain external feedback on quality, allowing comparisons and conclusions to be drawn which will ultimately drive an overall improvement in service quality.

Our specialised and independent Quality Assurance Team carries out quality assessments regarding both our own contact centres and those of several clients. Linking the work carried out by the team to the training and development of advisors, helps to ensure that Advisor skills are constantly developed and improved.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our omni-channel developed Customer Satisfaction Surveys utilises Business WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Voice and Bots. The content of the survey, as well as the channel used, is determined by our client and implemented by Sigma Connected. A built-in escalation process ensures that surveys with low scores are actioned immediately and where improvements need to be made, forms part of our continuous improvement programme.

Speech analytics consulting

For clients that would like to implement actionable insights into voice interactions by utilising a combination of best-in-class technologies can utilise our Speech analytics consulting services. Our speech analytics help to improve business efficiencies and customer experience. Our speech analytics technologies include:

Nexidia upgraded Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that employs Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics™ technology.
Phonetic indexing and search with Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR).
These systems and technologies allow for 100% Quality Assurance on all calls and highlights problematic calls, allowing for a more targeted and measured Quality Assurance function.

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