Early Arrears Collections

Case Studies

Retail Client - Early Arrears Collections


  • 15 dedicated FTE
  • White label, on Sigma systems, covering:
    • Early Arrears Collection – inbound and outbound
    • Full Dunning Cycle – letter, SMS, email & IVR
    • Utilising Client Email System and Payment Gateway – for consistency of customer experience
    • Trialling ‘Cloud’ Lettering – delivered via SMS
    • Workflow Management
    • Reporting and MI – providing deep insights
  • “Sigma provide fantastic customer service as well as deliver an excellent recovery rate on a high volume portfolio”

Key Challenge

Sigma needed to demonstrate the ability to set up the service quickly and enhance the performance being received from the incumbent
It was vital that Sigma demonstrated an improved customer journey
Services historically off-shored to India

Why Sigma?

Vital that brand quality was maintained
Sigma’s customer centric approach reflects the client’s brand values
Allocation of dedicated FTE allows greater focus and expertise to be developed
Proven ability to handle a wide range of the clients’ existing customer queries and challenges
Impressive results in campaigns to date including collections conversion rate of over 60%

The Result

Significant improvements in collections performance:Sigma almost trebled incumbents performance
Significant reduction in re-open rates (i.e. complaints successfully resolved)
Customer feedback has been extremely positive and complaint levels have fallen.
Achieving collections liquidations of over 60% against an initial target of 22%
Complaint volumes well below the client KPI
Team attrition levels extremely low ensuring continuity of expertise