Industry expertise in the water sector

We have the flexibility and capacity to help you adapt in an evolving environment whether it’s for short term campaigns or longer-term outsourcing solutions.


Delivering tailored services to meet your exacting needs

Water is the most used, the most essential and often the most unappreciated utility.

With the UK water industry having been radically reshaped over the last few years, our outsourcing services can make a difference in the non-household market, which is so tight that the only real differentiator is customer service. In the household market, our expert services can also help you avoid penalties from Of wat based on customer outcomes set out in your business plan.

We are all about building connections between people, and customer satisfaction is more important than it ever has been before. Aside from being customer service experts, we also have specific water industry knowledge and expertise.

At Sigma Connected, we are different. Agile and flexible, we are able to adapt quickly to meet the needs of your company and your customers.

Industry expertise

Will Brown, Director of Water Services

Before joining Sigma, Will spent 25 years in customer operations. In his time working at Thames Water, Southern Water and Good Energy, he also looked after third party service providers. With his immense knowledge and vast experience, Will understands the end-to-end nuts and bolts of utilities operations. He knows how they link to company performance and what levers to pull when things aren’t quite going to plan. "With this experience, I know all the things that outsourcers would do that I thought they could do better, and I always keep this in mind to ensure Sigma Connected is different.”


We provide specialist customer contact solutions to the water industryfrom customer services, complaints handling and collections.

Our team is always looking for ways to help transform and improve customer services, leaving you free to deliver essential services.

Water is the most used, the most essential and often the most unappreciated utility.

    Water supply contact– our day-to-day contact service, relating to leakage, water pressure, burst water mains or water quality

We’re very experienced in handling billings and payment transactions, either as a back office activity or in direct conversations with your customers.

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