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Sigma is a flexible partner to its clients, delivering tailored services to meet their exacting needs

Water is the most used, most essential and, often, the most unappreciated utility. In the UK we have a truly incredible service, with virtually every household having a continuous supply of drinking water, and connection to a mains sewerage system. For around an average of £1 a day, we get about half a ton of clean, quality water provided to our homes – and roughly the same taken away – every day. That’s pretty amazing, considering the complexity and infrastructure behind the whole process.

The UK water industry has had to radically reshape over the last few years, with competition opening up in the non-household market in 2018, and margins so tight that the only real differentiator is customer service. While in the household market, although their customer base is fixed, water companies are strictly held to account by Ofwat over the customer outcomes set out in their business plans resulting in penalties for underperformance.

Water Treatment Plant at sunset

Across the water industry, keeping customers happy is more important than it ever has been before.

At Sigma, not only are we customer service experts, we have specific water industry knowledge and expertise. To that we can add experience and technology from other sectors – sectors that are considered ahead in terms of what’s possible. We differ from other customer service outsourcers too, in our ability to be agile and flexible – to change quickly, scaling up and down to meet both client and customer needs.

Industry Expertise

Will Brown, Director of Water Services. Sigma Connected

Before joining Sigma, Will spent 25 years in customer operations. In his time working at Thames Water, Southern Water and Good Energy, he also looked after third party service providers.

"With this experience, I know all the things outsourcers would do, that I thought they could do better, and I always keep this in mind to ensure Sigma is different," he says.

With his immense knowledge and vast experience, Will understands the end-to-end nuts and bolts of utilities operations, how they link to company performance and what levers to pull when things aren’t quite going to plan.

"I aim to deliver amazing customer service whilst being operationally efficient and effective," he says.


We provide specialist contact centre solutions and customer operations capability to the water industry, household and non-household. And we don’t just manage customer services, but continually look for ways to help transform and improve them – leaving clients free to deliver essential services around the UK.


We can handle all customer contact related to supply:
  • Incident support – from leaks to large burst mains, our teams are able to ramp up with less than an hour’s notice to deal with specific incidents, including issues affecting more than one postcode
  • Water Supply contact – our day-to-day contact service, relating to leakage, water pressure, burst water mains (one postcode), or water quality
  • Waste Services contact – for issues such as sewer flooding, blockages, odour, pollution and vermin
  • Out of hours contact – our dedicated service, for calls between 10pm to 8am
  • Complaint handling – dealing with any written complaint in relation to operational services.

Retail ​

We’re very experienced in handling billings and payments transactions – either as a back office activity, or in direct conversations with customers. We offer:
  • Revenue assurance – ensuring all billable customers are being charged, for the right services and at the right tariff
  • Billing exception management – resolution of issues preventing bills from being issued
  • Homemovers – we deal with the household transfer of responsibility for supply between occupiers
  • Onboarding – handling the non-household onboarding of new acquisitions, following a sales process
  • Consumption – making sure all consumption being recorded is correct and identifying any meter faults
  • Meter management – arranging the installation of new meters, eg, AMR / SMART technology
  • Payments and plan negotiation –agreement of suitable payment terms as part of a process
  • Collections – managing early arrears (white label), DCA, or DCA panel management
  • Complaint handling – managing complaints received directly, and those received via an ombudsman, regulator, or high-level third parties, eg MPs.

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