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Helping you collect payments quickly and on time

A comprehensive end-to-end solution for collecting your outstanding revenues.


Improving the cashflow of your business

We offer a range of services for debt recovery solutions, from early-stage collections to late-stage collections, on to our own DCA.

Some clients appoint us to manage the entire end-to-end process, while others utilise different aspects of our service offering to deliver outstanding results.

Our debt collection services typically involve providing specialist teams for a range of outbound and inbound campaigns. Our services are set up to meet your specific requirements and ways of working, and we pride ourselves on our agility and flexibility, setting up delivery within two weeks of taking the brief.

Early arrears collections

We offer a dedicated team of customer advisors, who are specialists in collecting revenue for you at an early stage of the arrears process

Our specialist teams are equipped with the skills sets required to identify and manage customers who may be vulnerable or who are suffering financial hardship, ensuring appropriate outcomes and resolutions are provided on your behalf.


Collection Performance

At Sigma Connected we have had considerable success for our clients, achieving up to 30 times return on investment and helping them achieve and exceed internal budgets and targets.
Customer satistification

Our customer advisors are focused on ensuring outcomes are always fair and appropriate, and that your customers’ journeys are positive at all stages of the collections process. By remaining relatable and accessible, we have consistently improved net promoter score figures for our clients.

Each contract is bespoke and we will work with you to tailor our service delivery to meet your exact requirements. Together, we continually develop and improve our service, and we react quickly should we need to make changes for you.

Ad-hoc revenue driving campaigns

For whatever reason, some of you customers may not engage during the early arrears collections process. We provide a targeted approach to these accounts, yielding positive debt collections results for you while ensuring your customers are treated fairly.

Typical campaigns that can work for you include:
Dedicated 'problematic area' campaigns
Contacting customers who have not been billed for a period of time
Contacting customers who are either in the process of leaving or have already left with outstanding balances
Pre-bill contacting of high value invoice customers to prevent 'bill shock’
Pre-alerting direct debit reassessments
Courtesy calling customers with previous late pay history
Outbound meter reading campaigns for energy companies
High balance debt accounts, litigation assessment


Revenue generation

We have had significant success helping our clients reduce debt levels and boost revenue.
Complaint reduction

By engaging with customers early in the billing process, we can reduce your customer complaints caused by bill shock or direct debit reassessments.
Customer retention

Our campaigns are focused on engaging and communicating with your customers. The result is a reduction in customer churn.

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