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We design, build and deliver training programmes for clients looking to improve the skills and knowledge of their front-line customer advisors

With automation and AI on the rise and taking care of the routine and repetitive tasks in many contact centres, skills needs are changing. The specialist, ‘uniquely human’ skills are more important than ever – the social and emotional skills and the problem solving skills that machines just can’t deliver. Hand in hand with that advancing technology are more and more processes and systems for contact centre staff to get to grips with.

We can help your staff build on their expertise with a whole range of skills training – from the softer skills, to compliance and regulatory, to technical or leadership skills. And we can deliver our training either face to face, virtually, or through e-learning.

There are number of ways that we support our clients. We can:

Develop and deliver bespoke training, based on a needs analysis exercise to identify specific needs and skills shortages
Deliver your own organisation’s core training
Train your staff directly
'Train the trainer’, where our specialist team helps upskill your in-house trainers


The types of training we offer fall into four categories:

Soft skills – these include negotiation, objection handling, demonstrating empathy and working with vulnerable customers
Compliance and regulatory training – for example GDPR and Data Protection, Information Security, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) plus others
Process and system training – the technical training needed to use contact centre software tools and equipment
Leadership training – we have a team of dedicated leadership trainers who will work closely with clients to create training content tailored to their particular needs

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