Vulnerable Customer Identification & Management Vulnerable Customer Identification & Management
Skilled in identifying and managing customer vulnerability
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The identification and effective management of vulnerable customers is fundamental to ensuring appropriate treatment paths for all customers

Vulnerability, including financial hardship, can be permanent or temporary and can affect anyone from time to time. The factors that make a customer vulnerable could be any illness, condition, stress, or disadvantage. These rarely remain static and can affect customers in some situations but not others. Even circumstances and situations encountered in our everyday lives can make us vulnerable at a particular moment, whether it be financial stress, relationship difficulties, bereavement, or illness. Therefore, it is crucial that customer advisors do not hold simplistic views of vulnerability and can effectively identify and manage vulnerable customers.

Sigma Customer Advisors, are experienced at identifying vulnerability and can proactively engage with customers who have been identified as vulnerable, or potential vulnerability, to offer the necessary support. Regular contact can be maintained with the customer to continue support and undertake: Affordability assessments; Priority Services Register sign-ups; Warm Home Discount sign-ups, promotion of other relevant hardship/vulnerability schemes; signpost to free money advice.


Improved customer experience and engagement – Every customer is treated as an individual.
Improved customer circumstances – Support provided to customers, can help improve their outlook and prevent debt build-up.

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