Water The water industry continues to undergo significant change
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Sigma is a flexible partner to its clients, delivering tailored services to meet their exacting needs

Since privatisation, almost 30 years ago, the biggest shakeup in the water industry began in April 2017, with the move to allow business customers to shop around beyond their local water supplier to find themselves a better deal.

Sigma is experienced in working with businesses going through significant change, and working under such intense regulatory scrutiny. As a result, we are a flexible partner to our clients, delivering tailored services to meet their exacting needs.

Benefits of our approach:

Sigma can deliver a complete end-to-end outsource solution from sales and early arrears to customer retention and late-stage collections. Alternatively, many clients utilise our expertise to support them in particular areas such as complaint management or customer retention.
Your business is different in comparison to your competitors! This is because our services are not delivered “out of the box”. Instead, they are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients; this ensures that any outsourcing project is a true reflection of each client’s business.
Sigma can demonstrate genuine improvements in internal NPS and ‘Rant & Rave’ scores, for its clients. Our Customer Advisors are focused on the customer journey and ensure that brand integrity is maintained at all times.
Sigma has developed a unique ‘value-add engine’, which enhances data, informs and improves processes on an ongoing basis. The result - efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

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