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Sigma plans and delivers a range of training programmes for clients looking to improve the skills and knowledge of their front-line customer advisors

Sigma is an energy sector specialist with circa 85% of our Customer Advisors dedicated to supporting our energy sector clients. Our knowledge and experience in this area has led us to develop and deliver a range of energy specific training programmes for our clients including:

Utilise It! – An overview of OFGEM, its regulations and responsibilities to the act (specific to debt).
Life Cycle of a Utilities Debt – Establishing knowledge of the collections, recoveries, field visits, warrants and disconnections process for customers. What are the consequences of non-payment / non-engagement?
Working with EVE – Provides Advisors with the skills to recognise and adapt their approach to the different types of customers (Emotive, Vague and Engaged), incorporating techniques to enhance communication and influence.
Call Management – Provides Advisors with the skills and confidence to open, lead and close a call, retaining control of the conversation at all times. This includes active listening and handling conflict.
Challenge or an Opportunity? – Examining the difference between an objection and a dispute and the various methods to handle each.
Getting the Right Plan – Focussing on practices and skills to help Advisors determine the best outcome for the customer based on their individual circumstances.
Vulnerability and Debt – How to identify vulnerability, including Financial Hardship and other vulnerabilities and how they relate to debt. Focusing on getting the right outcome for vulnerable customers in debt.
Technical Training (Debt Specific) –The system and / or process knowledge that is required when handling debt discussions and setting payment plans (e.g. I & E screens, payment arrangements, etc.).

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