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Providing bespoke customer contact solutions

We can deliver a wide range of customer service contact solutions for you.


As your trusted partner, we can deliver a range of quality services for your business

We believe every interaction is an opportunity to create value and build long-standing relationships.

Focussing on connections between people, our outsourcing services can help you exceed your customers’ expectations.

At Sigma, we offer the agility and flexibility to grow with you and your team.

We place an emphasis on continuous improvement, always looking for ways to improve customer interactions on your behalf.

We also have industry experts with the experience to fully understand the challenges you are facing in your operations and ensure we are delivering the best solutions for both you and your customers, whether that is from our UK or South African operations or even a blend of both.

Outsourced tasks can ensure cost savings for your business and an improvement in the customer experience. Let us work with your team to deliver quality customer service, while you focus on your day to day functions.


The range of services provided includes:

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